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NEW2UK: Introducing Fraly Aruba

Brands like Fraly are really at the heart of what MODAmua wants to achieve. It’s a successful Italian brand that produces premium women’s fashion and loungewear. And it’s only available from MODAmua in the UK.

Like many of our NEW2UK brands, you might never have heard of Fraly. Personally we think that’s a tragedy. Fraly weaves their undergarment from fine Marino wool. As far as premium fabrics go, this is one of the best. Its woven nature gives it a refreshingly breathable quality. This helps you keep comfortable, not only by letting air in, but also by making it feel that bit softer to the touch. Just as important is how much of a classic style their clothing maintains. Fraly will never go out of fashion.

This classic range have a heritage that stretch's back to 1962, founded in Firenze. Since then Fraly have ensured they have only used the very bests wools to make there clothing as comfortable for you as possible. They take great pride in the quality of the work and we at MODAmua take great pride in being the only company in the UK to offer this premium Italian brand. With winter just round the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to get yourself some high quality undergarments.